Cinque Terre Wedding Proposal Photographer{ Emil + Anna } Exclusive Wedding Photography in Cinque Terre Riviera

Just three days before this shooting, Emil wrote me searching for a Cinque Terre Wedding Proposal Photographer to eternalize this unforgettable moment of their life. He already planned everything carefully (ok, exception for the photographer that was still missing!), telling to Anna that this shooting in Manarola, one of the small pearls of  Cinque Terre, is his gift for her birthday, that was the same day of the shooting. It was a great idea because I was super-free to move around them to get my favorite points of views without her expecting what was about to happen! This is not the first time I photograph a wedding proposal (give a look to this Wedding Proposal in Tuscany if you want to see something more!), but the intimacy they were able to create on the seaside filled me of emotion in an unexpected way, making hard to continue to shoot! It’s always a privilege being a part of such  important moments of the life of somebody, an it makes hard to call what I do just a job.  Your love is something special friends, hope you can relive those moments here below in some of my favorites!

Photos by Cinque Terre Wedding Proposal Photographer Francesco Spighi


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