Fall Engagement Photography in Florence{ Marina & Andrey } A romantic love story through romantic Florence

Andrey is from Russia, he contacted me some weeks ago, for a session of engagement photography in Florence. I met Andrey some months ago in Cortona, during a photography’ worksop I did there for a small group of russian tourists. It’s a bit easier for me when I’ve already broke the ice! But I had never met Marina before. She was beautiful in her long coat and her red hat, dressed with the autumn colours.
In consideriation of this, and considering also we had three hours to spend together, I decided to make something different and after our tour in the center of the city I drove them to get some relax enjoying the fall colours in the most beautiful park of Florence. Great light plus great colours plus great feeling was the right receipt to get amazing photos. I decided to edit them following my own personal view of the vintage editing style. Here are some of my favourites; enjoy their intimate love story in the early morning of a bright november’s monday in Florence.


Engagement Photography in Florence by Francesco Spighi


  • Meraviglioso ... una fotografia che rappresenta al TOP la nostra città unica al mondo ... I love Florence !!!

  • I absolutely love your work! Very interesting shots, capturing the couples reflection and a shadow of a leaf:) it's a pleasure to read your blog. I will be checking for more posts in a future.

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