Tuscany wedding photographer Francesco Spighi portrait

Well, hello everybody! I’m Francesco (Fra, if you prefer to make things simpler), an  Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany – based in Florence – but happy to operate all over Italy and abroad. Ok, I’m pretty sure if you’re here on this page, then you’re not one who’s satisfied by a generic “google friendly” sentence. In which case, let me tell you something about myself, and let me do this starting with my dreams. In general, I had three when I was younger:

  • To find somebody with whom to share my emotions, my fears and my time
  • To become a father
  • To enjoy my work

I am a lucky man I think, because all of these dreams are real now. I have a wife that loves me and who I love. She is my best friend also, and the first voice I need to hear when I need to hear a voice. Together, we have two small little heroes that fill our days with ea roller-coaster of emotions and tons of smiles. The innocent and unbiased way they see the world, is something I love to learn from them. Also, I enjoy being a photographer, a great passion I discovered casually, and luckily came to be my work.

These four “F”s represent WHO I AM and what I’d like to be

I’m in love with people in love. Hiring me you’ll hire the husband, the daydreamer, the friend, the crazy-but-easy guy that will enjoy your wedding with you.


I’m a daydreamer and a life-enjoyer. I love to see the world as children do, marveling over the little things that people usually overlook.  I am a friend. I love my family, nature, getting lost somewhere…and ice-cream, of course! I’m easy to have around, and sometimes a bit “out-of-the-box”. Photographs are emotions, and I’m excited every time I pick-up my camera; my camera is a part of me, and is the key I have to join and capture your life. The emotions we share on your Big Day will create the paper time-capsule you’ll have for the rest of your life.

something moreabout me

My love session in Malibu with my wife (Gina & Ryan, two awesome photographers from LA, shot these pictures for us)

Some great memories from our trip in California, this time from my camera. Have fun going a bit deeper in my life

something aboutmy vision

Photography has become a kind of lifestyle that I live and breathe. Perhaps it’s a mixture of passion and obsession. There is an insistent desire in me to explore connections between people with camera in hand. Trying to capture a fleeting moment that encloses the soul of those folks. Photography changed my perception of the world. My eyes are continuously drawn to the ever changing light and to interaction it has with people moving in the space it wraps. My perspective is now composed of layers and dimensions and my experiences continue to shape the way I see things and – at the end – my life. (words inspired by the awesome adventure photographer Krystle Wright).


somethingabout you

You’re romantic, you feel different, you’re creative and a little bit stylish, of course you’re totally in love. If photography is important for you, if you feel like my point of view is close to your one, I could be the right person.  These photographs will be the lasting memory of the most exciting day of your life and, in the coming years, you will share them with your friend, family…and grand-kids. Look around, explore the net and make sure to find a photographer you feel affinity with, who has a style that you love and don’t be satisfied for anything less. After this, if you’re confident I could be your guy  drop me a line!