“Italian Wedding of the year 2016” Competitiona "non traditional" wedding album

As I’ve done in the past season (where I got the second place, you can see my album here), also this year I challenged myself taking part to “Italian Wedding of the Year 2016” competition. First thing I must say, this year I’ve not been good enough to be classified in the the first ten positions! Anyhow,  I love this project – related to manga and comics world – and I’m proud to share it with you. The idea behind the typesetting of this album is to give the viewer an immersive feeling of the scene represented in each page. Sometimes one photo is enough, sometimes I needed ten to bring you exactly in the moment. Like it happens in a comic pages, usually each action is described by a set of wide and detailed illustration, with a graphic style that push the viewer attention on a precise action, showing it from different perspectives and angles.  Lastly, the paints that are separating different settings are from Zhang Daqian, not just one of the best-known Chinese artists of the twentieth century, but the couple’s favorite one.

I’m pretty curious to hear what do you think about it, and I’ll be happy to discuss your point of views below in the comments!

Have a look!

[Chinese friends: if something went wrong with text, please text me!]


If you think that “the bigger, the better” a PDF files with higher resolution may be found HERE! :P

“Italian Wedding of the year 2016 COmpetition” wrote by Francesco Spighi


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