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I can’t really say that things started in the best way between me and Gary at the first email. But after some initial communication difficulties we found a great feeling and I can really say this is one of the most amazing wedding I ever shot, with a great connection between me and the two of them.
Kelly and Gary are from England; they decided to spend some days here in Tuscany, enjoying their awesome Wedding at Villa Cora, a breathtaking luxury wedding venue in Florence, Italy. Gary and Kelly were not alone in this journey, they already have two beautiful children that have filled the day with emotions, joy, big hugs and smiles. We can say that those two made the day! I spent with this special family the full day, starting from the getting ready – Kelly had her own in one of the beautiful suites of the Villa – until people filled the dance-floor, leaving the Villa in the warm August night. The most curious thing about this event? Two days after the wedding I was in the Pisa airport with my family waiting to leave for our vacation, and we met again there; we was in two neighboring gates, two happy families, both with a badass small hero and a little charming princess, both on the way to leave for their own holydays!

Here below there are some of my favorites. Enjoy the journey, mates! Fra

Photos by Luxury Wedding Photographer in Italy Francesco Spighi


  • Kelly said:

    Francesco, we cannot begin to thank you enough for amazing job you and your team did on our wedding photos. You have really captured our family as we are and the flow of the whole day. We have spent the whole weekend going through them again and again. I am speechless, this is a rarity and a testament to your artistry and talent. The photos have really brought our wedding day back to life for us and reminded us how blessed we are. So much so, that after our first viewing we began booking our first anniversary trip back to Florence to stay at Le Grande Villa Cora. A thousand times thank you. With love from Kelly, Gary, Sevasti and Grayson

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