relaxed-countryside-wedding-in-tuscan-castle-italyDear Fra, we could not have made a better choice!!! When choosing a wedding photographer, we were really looking for someone who captures moments, not poses. Even now, two months after the wedding we are really taken back whenever we look at the pictures (and we do this a lot!!). It is not only that your pictures are truly amazing and show a great personal view. But it is also that we, our friends and family felt very comfortable with you being around all day, even during the most private and emotional moments. The funniest thing was that one of our friends asked us after the wedding, whether the photographer had actually taken enough pictures because she had not really noticed you. I think this is the biggest compliment that a wedding photographer could get, especially when seeing the quality of your pictures and the fact that you did not miss out even the tiniest bit! Thank you so much for having been around! Love,

Isabelle & Andreas

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