Michelin & Kelvin

intimate wedding in tuscany borgo stomennanoHi Fra! Thank you for this gallery! We had some time to look at them this morning at breakfast, and then we waited for each other to come home from work to look at the rest this evening. Really beautiful and they made me cry. It’s funny – because the reason why I was so captured by your blog and your photography of other weddings was that they made me so emotional. As I was crying whilst having my coffee this morning, I realize, oh gosh, I can’t believe what a great memory we have of our own journey. Your pictures really moved me, and it made me miss the wedding so much. All the pictures, aside from capturing a particular moment or feeling, are really so artistic and beautiful. Great color and composition. Some of them are so moody, some are visually so picturesque and others are BHAM intense. You’ve taken so many shots of things that I did not have time to notice but were part of the wedding weekend, including the inside of our room and the villa. I have no idea how you moved to so many different vantage points and captured perspectives from different angles – eg even the cooks and serving staff for our dinner. I love how you have so many shots of just Kelvin and myself and there is an intensity to them, without them being cheesy. There are photographs where I feel that you have captured the dynamic of our relationship. You are such a brilliantly talented photographer and I am so glad that you were able to be with us, and share it through your lens. Thank you so much, Fra!

Michelle & Kelvin

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