Trash The Dress Photography Tuscany | Val d’Orcia{ Filippo & Monica } Post Wedding Session near Siena

I like trash the dress photography sessions. I can shoot some nice portrait without being worried about guests, timing, the party …

I known Filippo tons of years ago, during the high school here in Florence. Then, we became university fellows, and we both graduated in Mechanical Engineering. But you know, everybody has to follow his natural inclination and with photography I followed the mine. So it was funny when he called me, some months ago, for asking me to be his photographer.

We took the photos in Monicas’s beautiful abandoned family property, in Val d’Orcia (Tuscany). I climbed trees, they lying down in the wheat, and getting ready and kissing in the abandoned farm.. and here are some of my favorites! Enjoy.


Trash The Dress Photography Tuscany by Francesco Spighi


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