WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN AREZZO{ Alice + Christian } Creative Wedding Photography in Arezzo Countryside

Alice and Christian are two special guys, and we get the right feeling since the first time we met, more than one year ago, while they was surfing the net searching for a Wedding Photographer in Arezzo.It was only the second time for me in shooting a wedding there, and both the times I meet really extraordinary people. There is no better feeling than leaving a wedding while thinking “Yohoo, that was great” and this is the case. I think I’m very lucky when I meet two people that are so nice. You can perceive their feeling flowing during all the day, also when they’re not together. I shot a lot that day, and I’ve tons of favourites. So, take your time, and enjoy Alice and Christian wedding story!

Party Location: Villa Burali

Videography: D-Video

Photographied by Wedding Photographer in Arezzo Francesco Spighi


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