Wedding Photography Price – The Hide Cost of Wedding PhotographyWhy we charge what we charge

Are you a customer? When looking at wedding photography price, how many times have you thought to yourself :”How much money for one day’s work?!”

Are you a wedding photographer? How many times, after seeing your wedding photography price quote, has a customer said to you: “How much money for one day’s work?!”

Here, I have tried to summarise, in detail, where the wedding photography price comes from. It’s very easy for the photographers to understand the infographic below. However, at the same time, it’s very difficult for the bride and groom to understand why we’re asking for “so much money” for “just a day’s work“.

Believe me, we’re not thieves and the price really isn’t ‘so much money’. Calculating the cost of the Wedding Photography Service is difficult, and here you will get an idea about all of the work that takes place behind the scenes to produce the galleries you can see on our site.

So, enjoy! And, please leave a comment, writing what you think about this infographic. ;-)


Wedding photography price | Cors of wedding photography


Here you can see what’s my Equipment for Wedding Photography in Tuscany and Italy. When I’ve to travel a lot I reduce drastically the tools I take away with me. If you want to investigate this matter to its fullest, I would recommend you to read this guest post.

Note: This Infographic is designed and realized by me!
If you want to share only the infographic and not the blog post just download it or ask and I’ll send you the file. I’ll ask you just a backlink! Please don’t copy it without my permission.


  • Great infographic and I think a great quote at the end. Sums it up perfectly!

    • Many thanks Maria! if you want you can share it as a guest post on your blog! :-)
      Cheers, Francesco

  • Kelly said:

    I have shared this to my business page. Fantastically explained! Thank you.

  • Anna said:

    Spot on - as a fairly newbie to all this - it helps to see this to justify the prices not only to clients - but to myself too.

  • A very well put together infographic which I've shared on my business Facebook Page. I'm not one to have a rant publicly, but this helps explain it in a down to earth way :-)

    • Hi Marc, happy you like it and thanks for sharing! :)

  • Leela said:

    Also loved and shared on my fb page!

  • Haha, really nice, and so true. Just to let you know that you've spelt Business wrong in one of the boxes!

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  • Very clever with the graphics. This should definitely be a good guide to those that have no clue why we charge what we charge!

  • Dear Francesco,
    I was fascinated on your Free lens write up.
    But I must say this summary on cost of an Photographic Contracts (not only Weddings)
    is fantastic. I wish, this article or this/your documentation on involved cost
    should all Freelance Photographer read. Specifically this "Photographers" who work for
    an sandwich with jam and take away the bread with butter from real Professionals. To own a Camera with an Kit lens does not mean you are an Photo Professional.
    Thank you Francesco
    Kind regards Volkmar

    • Dear Volkmar, I think the same.
      Everybody take a camera in his hands with the idea of selling an image have to begin to think at all these troubles. Oterwise he'll fuck us and itself in the same time! ;-)

      Best, Fra

  • Tuan said:

    I think some of these costs are stupid, when you buy bread you don't pay the bakers for the costs of baking school (or whatever school they go to)

    • Yes, it could be. But I just wanted to highlight the fact that you've not just to make click.

  • deb said:

    Hi Francesco - this is great! Sharing your blog post on our FB page for our Photog customers. thx!! -deb

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  • Excellent article, thank you for sharing, I would like to receive the infographic to use in workgroups of photography colleagues, in addition to the best photography backup workflow. Thank you very much in advance. Cláudio photographer in the state of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

    • Hi Claudio, thanks a lot for your comment. You can download the file from this page. I just saw there was a broken link, now everything works!

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