Garda Lake Wedding Photographer | Lonato Castle{ Rachel & John } Wedding in Lonato Castle Photos

Rachel called me at the beginning of June 2014 searching for a Garda Lake Wedding Photographer, to eternalise her wedding in the amazing scenario of Lonato Castle, on the southern side of the Lake Garda. It was really an amazing location where I had never been before, and it was great to leave my beloved Tuscany for a day with my friend Antonio, immersing  ourselves in a different backdrop (and in a two days vacation, why not!?).

After get ready just outside the town they have moved within the walls, in the grounds of Lonato Castle where they had an intimate and touching outdoor ceremony. Later the small group of guests leaved them alone for a few on the ramparts, letting them enjoy the stunning view you can get from there. Immediately after, another great view was waiting for them; the beautiful garden of the Restaurant La rocca Contesa where they was having aperitifs & bubbly and their dinner, was set on the hill just below the Castle down a lovely tree lined path. What a great time we spent there, collecting for Rachel and John their wedding photo-memories. If you want to see how things went, scroll down and enjoy my favorites!

Wedding Planner: Ginny from Wedding at Lake Garda

Garda Lake Wedding Photographer Francesco Spighi


  • Anonymous said:

    Such wonderful memories beautifully captured

  • Rosana said:

    they almost made me cry

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