Nikon Z7 Field test | Real world Samples | Wedding PortaitsSome real samples from the brand new Nikon camera - a Real World test

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  • Jo said:

    Hi Francesco,

    The insights you provide in your fantastic Z7 review are really helpful - many thanks for that! (I should note that I intend to get a Z6 instead, since I don't need the additional resolution.)

    In the review you state "As I said I can’t think to work with a single slot for even a moment ...". Did you ever experience problems with your SD cards? Why is a single XQD card slot a no-go for you?

    I'll use the Z6 mainly for portrait work, but now and then I'll be shooting a wedding, too. This is why I'm still not sure if the Z6 is the optimal choice for me.

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hi Jo,
      thanks a lot for appreciating the massive effort I put to write that review. :)
      I had in the past a few problems with some SD cards, but I never had one with CF or XQD. By the way - as I wrote - I mainly working alone so I don't want to take any "free" risk. I guess XQD cards are safe enough to make almost everybody feel safe and sound, but that's not my case, unfortunately. I try to take any measure I can to prevent a failure, and one of these is to work with a double card slot! If you usually don't work alone (meaning there are more cameras shooting the event) I think you can move forward buying your Z6!

  • Jo said:

    Hi Francesco,

    Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

    If you would use the Z7 for weddings, which lenses would you take along - since there are not many native Z lenses available right now?

    The 24-70 f4 S seems to be a nice zoom lens, but then again it won't be fast enough for dim light situations. Would you use the FTZ adapter together with F mount lenses? Or the 35 f1.8 S? The 50 f1. 8 S?

    Many thanks,

    • I'm currently using a 28 1,4 and a 58 1,4. Maybe I'll get the 50, that's incredibly sharp and with an amazing flare, when used against the sun!

  • Matej said:

    Hi francesco realy helpful review. Now I own d 750 im thinking to change it for z7 but.....mainly I shot portrait event time to time weding and studio I don't know what to choose or get d850 or z7 . What will you choose?

    • Hey mate, thanks so much for appreciating my review! :)
      I still own 2 D850 and I didn't move to the new one just because of the single slot. If you're ok with that, I'd say I'll go with the new Z7!

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