Same sex engagement in New York City{ Chris + Jenni } Italian Destination Wedding and Engagement Photography

A couple of months ago I crossed the Atlantic Ocean (by flight, of course!) for Destination Wedding Photography service in New York City. While there I had the possibility to do a couple of other shootings; this is one of these sessions,  which I have been really happy to do. These two amazing girls asked me to shoot their Same Sex Engagement in New York City. Jenni is from Jersey City, and Chris from New York, and they leave together in Jersey City. They are are really in love, it’s something crazy how much I learned in a couple of hours from them about love. And they’ve two super-cute boys in their family. And it’s also crazy how many thing  I learned about having a family. If you have seen my About Me Page I’ve two children too, and we spoke about our families in the same way, using the same words, and with the same excitement. So, to be honest I didn’t learn anything new, but I had a lot of confirmations: no matter what sex we are,  it’s all about the love we can share.  We spent some time in Central Park, then we moved to Manhattan and Times Square to have some fun among the yellow cab! Honestly my first experience with a same-sex couple couldn’t be better than this and I can wait until another couple will choose me to tell their story!  So mates, move on, enjoy my favorites  and SHARE THE LOVE! 

Same Sex Engagement in New York City by Francesco Spighi


  • A wonderful experience that is ... mostly in this wonderful city. I recently went through the same experience, and that's something absolutely sensational to see that no matter where we come from, who we are, who we love, this Love has the same power, no limits, no frontiers ...

    Wonderful images !

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